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Alexander Kent



Intricately Patterned Ceramics by Dana Bechert.

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full view of the drawing from  this post, working with the metronome again (you can see the video here)
perceptual field  no. 1  (study—each line,  3 seconds long) 

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ed fairburn

India's unholy campaign expenses


Campaign financing in India works very differently than it does in the US.

In India there are hard spending limits set by the Election Commission, though an unlimited amount of campaign money can be collected from various sources. During election years, national parties (like…


Coffee porn.     

(Cinemagraphs and gifs from this cool article.)

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This device enables you to physically touch digital information. Video conferencing now has a new dimension.

One of the biggest challenges is that we need to sell products to people who don’t do what we do for a living,” Christie, one of the inventors of the slide-to-unlock iPhone feature, said. When designing products, Apple keeps in mind that it wants “normal people – people with better things to do with their lives than learn how a computer might work – to use the product as well as we can.


Vivian Maier self-portraits


Vivian Maier’s selfie game was untouchable

2001 behind-the-scenes photos


From a large collection of photos shot on the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey, two of my favorites:

2001 Behind 01

2001 Behind 02

Those are a pair of smooth criminals right there.

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"Because viral videos aren’t about the people who are in them, they’re about the people who watch them. It’s much easier to look at a 60-second “uplifting” video and tear up and feel really good about yourself for sharing a post to Facebook than it is to learn anything meaningful about the lives of Deaf individuals around the world. So the next time you see one, don’t just cheer for the newly hearing person, but take a moment to think of the others in the Deaf community and the viral videos that won’t be made about them."

- Why You Shouldn’t Share Those Emotional ‘Deaf Person Hears for the First Time’ Videos - The Wire (via slantback)

(via slantback)